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Who is Where Food Comes From, Inc.?

Where Food Comes From is the most trusted source for independent, third-party verification of farming and food production practices in North America.

By most trusted, we mean… The whole food spectrum—from farmer and rancher to grocer and restaurateur to each one of us as a consumer—relies on Where Food Comes From to provide accurate information about food and to transparently share where, how, and by whom it is produced.

By third-party verification, we mean… Where Food Comes From is an accredited, independent auditing and verification company that has been authorized to expertly evaluate specific attributes or practices associated with food production, and to provide an unbiased assessment of whether that farm, ranch, or finished product actually meets specific standards or claims. Learn more here.

Our Services

Where Food Comes From provides a wide array of verification and certification services to help farmers and ranchers, brands and consumers authenticate and communicate attributes and production methods in the marketplace. We are an independent, third-party auditing company recognized and utilized by numerous standard setting bodies as an accredited verification or certification service provider.

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Our Team

Where Food Comes From’s biggest source of pride is our amazing staff, comprised of individuals who are passionate about what they do and dedicated to the farmers and ranchers who produce our food each day. Meet them now!

Our Divisions

Where Food Comes From, Inc. is made up of a very unique team of people and companies. Our divisions are the eyes, ears, and brains of our verification and certification expertise.
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