Why is Source Important?


Knowing where your food comes from is the basis to knowing everything about what you eat. Where was it grown or raised? Who handled it? Where did it go from there? All of these things are essential in understanding the food production process and traceability.


So many consumers are making critical decisions on what to feed their families every day, yet know very little about the food they consume. Because of this, we are presented with a unique opportunity to tell them more about their food through the Where Food Comes FromĀ® program.



Source verification is the The key to successfully identifying the source of a product is the use of a third- party auditing body, like us! The food production system is diverse, and without a standardized way of assessing source, tracing a product from farm to fork is nearly impossible - and inaccurate. There are many accredited standards utilizing source verification as the basis of their auditing services.

They include:

  • ISO Guide 65

Learn more about the verification process here.